“I had fairly severe lower back pain, radiating down my left leg to the calf. Painful to stand and walk, I had crooked posture. I started feeling relief after the first couple of treatments. After half way through my treatment program, had nearly full range of motion and was pain free. The most comforting part of my experience was that this allowed me to avoid injections and surgical options which was the direction I was headed with my previous doctor. Drs CJ and Chelsi were hands-on during treatment, always interested in how progress was going! Dr. Chelsi was very informative with plain talk during consultation while explaining processes.”
Ron - East Peoria
“For the past few years, I have been having problems with my L4-L5 in my lower back. After seeing Dr. Carlin, I am once again able to do the things I used to do and enjoy with virtually no more pain. Equally important, the exercises Dr. Carlin has given me are keeping me moving between my visits, I highly recommend his services, and certainly appreciate his personalized care and friendly office staff.”
John -Tremont
“When I got here I couldn’t walk very good. When I got on the DRX it saved me. Saved me! And it’s saved me ever since. I can walk. I can bend over. My Doctor suggested back surgery but there was no way- No way! It really saved me. No back surgery; that’s a plus!”
Bonnie -Henry
“A few months ago, I thought the rest of my life would consist of back pain, painful injections, and therapy. In as little as 12 treatments, I’m no longer in pain. I no longer need those painful injections and repeated therapy sessions. Thanks to the DRX 9000, I can live a normal life, thank you Dr. Carlin.”
Scott –Deer Creek
“As an avid golfer, I was very disappointed when I fell and hurt my back. When my golfing and normal physical activities became more limited due to the pain that I was experiencing, I decided to go to the chiropractor where he determined that I would be a good candidate for the series of treatments on the DRX machine. My regimen started with treatments 3 times a week. I experienced relief after the first treatment. Gradually the pain grew less severe and subsided to the point of now I go for maintenance once a month. I have been able to return to my daily physical activities like yard work and I am especially happy to report that I am back to golfing every day. The DRX treatments have helped me to return to my normal routines. It really worked for me and I have told others about it. I recommend the DRX treatment to other eligible candidates. I’d like to thank Drs. Carlin for his personal attention and having the insight in the treatment of my condition with the DRX.”
John -Pekin
“My overall pain was a level of 9. I had pain in my sciatica, legs, and lower back. Could not bend over and had developed problems walking! Since receiving the prescribed treatment plan, I have regained the loss of pain and discomfort! I can walk for a longer distance and do things I love to do. When asked what the most comforting part of my experience during treatment was, this was easy!! I have never before received the most warm and comforting experience of personal care in my life!!! When you walk in, you are greeted with the warmest welcome from the entire staff. This includes the receptionist to Drs. CJ and Chelsi.”
Bob -Pekin
“I was having lower back and neck pain and couldn’t turn my head to the left or right sides without severe pain. Without the help of Drs CJ and Chelsi I could not have done it. A lot of the pain has gone and I have more mobility in movement. The DRX 9000 and Posture Pump and the physical therapy was the most comforting part of my experience. It has brought me a long way! I recommend The DRX 9000 for a lot of pain relief. Without Drs CJ and Chelsi’s help, I don’t know where I’d be now. Thank you both for your help!”
Rose -Pekin
“On a pain scale of 1-10, I was a 9. I had headaches, pain in my legs and my lower back. I started feeling better on my second visit. I could even turn my head! The most comforting part of my experience was coming to see the doctors. They openly talked about body mechanics and were willing to do whatever it took to help me!”
Ronald –East Peoria
“I was having a lot of muscular pain and nerve pain in my upper back and down my arm. Riding in a car was very uncomfortable. Sweeping carpets, etc., was very painful. I am still working on this, but my pain has lessened, and now I can easily travel in a car. Dr. CJ has given me the tools I need at home to continue to heal. Scoliosis has had an effect on my healing process. Dr. CJ was always very encouraging to me, that he could help me. I appreciate his kindness and willingness to listen to any concerns I may have. After trying several other forms of treatment, I am so thankful for Drs. CJ and Chelsi’s help. Thank you!”
Lavonne -Speer
“After an MRI, I was advised that I had three bulging discs and one ruptured disc. I was in excruciating pain. My option… drugs, surgery or chiropractic and decompression therapy. I’m so glad I chose to opt for therapy with Morton Disc Center. Within 2 months, I was pain free!! I know it wasn’t a miracle but it sure feels like it to me.”
Merrie –Morton
“Dr. Carlin resolved my persistent neck and back issues. In addition, by the time I had reached my re-exam visit, his customized treatment plan for me had clearly optimized my overall physical and emotional well-being. I highly recommend participating fully in your personal treatment plan for the time recommended by Dr. Carlin. He is well trained and highly attentive, caring, and personable, everything I desire in my health care.”
Jen -Pekin
“New Year’s Day 2013 was a good day for a walk around the block in the afternoon. Later that evening I could not get up from my chair. I could only get around the house with the help of my walker. My wife is a patient of Dr. CJ Carlin and told me that I should go. They tried the DRX Spinal Decompression machine; the 1st treatment helped, and the pain was gone for several hours! We continued the DRX treatments for several days, and after additional improvement, treatments were 3x per week, then 2x, and now 1x per week. I am 80 years old, and now, mowing my yard, gardening, and golf.”
Lee -East Peoria
“I was unable to walk without pain. I have no pain after treatment. I can walk, do normal activities without pain! The Decompression Therapy was very relaxing. I would recommend this treatment for anyone with back problems. It is an amazing experience. Very happy with it.”
Betty -Washington
“After several years of low back pain due to a bulged disc I was made aware of the DRX decompression program.  I had made several other attempts to find relief for my pain but there was no success.  Out of desperation I decided to give the DRX program a try.  About three fourths of the way through the initial program of treatments I noticed one night that I didn’t have my back pain.  I credit the DRX decompression program with giving me this relief.  I continue to get periodic treatments for maintenance of my condition.  I tell others that for me this program worked.”
Phil -Morton
“I had extreme lower back pain that radiated into the hip and pelvic region and down my right leg. When I first started Spinal Decompression therapy and adjustment treatments, it was hard for me to go from a sitting position to standing and walking. Soon after, I noticed a big change. Now I’m pretty much back to my old self. The most comforting part of my experience was that Drs CJ and Chelsi listened to what I was saying and that they were concerned about the whole person. Drs CJ and Chelsi are the best chiropractors that I have ever been to.”
John -Groveland
“I was in constant pain daily. Having been to several chiropractors, I was leery of trying another. From the first visit, my pain has gone down 90%. The exercises Dr. CJ has given me have made a difference as well. The Morton Disc Center has been honest and helpful through all my situations and has answered all my questions professionally, has been the most comforting part of my experience. I have and will continue to recommend Morton Disc Center to all I meet who need it.”
Bart –Pekin
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